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Odoo Consultant

Hire Odoo Consultant To Empower Your Business With Custom Odoo ERP Solution.


Technical Odoo Consulting Services – What Is It?

Odoo is a web-based application which has been designed to be used by all types of organizations, irrespective of their size or industry. Since, Odoo is an open source ERP software offering a wide range of features like accounting, CRM, inventory management, warehouse management, purchase order management and more. It has numerous modules that can be customized as per the needs of the organization. Here were Odoo Consultant can help your business, they can help with selecting different features that you business actually need to get the best outcome.

The Odoo Technical Consulting Services are available from Silent Infotech Odoo Experts with years of experience in developing ERP System. Our Odoo consulting experts will provide consultation on how to use all the features offered by Odoo and help identify potential issues or problems before they arise.

Hiring Odoo Consultant


Consultation package

  • Recommended for small Enterprise with 2-5 ERP Users.
  • Skills : Business Workflow Analysis & recommendations
  • Skills : Odoo Module Configuration
  • On-call (Web Meeting) Support : 5 Hrs
  • Valid for 1 Month


Enterprise package

100 hours
  • Recommended for Business specific ERP workflow.
  • Skills : Odoo Developer, FrontEnd Developer & Business Analyst – Experts with all Odoo Modules
  • Skills : Odoo Hosting & Administration & Data Migration
  • On-call (Web Meeting) Training/Analysis/Support: 10 Hrs
  • Valid for 2 Months

Expert Team

Team Success package

160 hours
  • Team executions with combined skills
  • Along with Professional pack Skills :Mobile App Developer, IOT Developer, Project Manager
  • Workflow Training with Documents and Video Tutorial.
  • On-call (Web Meeting) Training/Analysis/Support: 15 Hrs
  • Valid for 4 Months

Get a Free consultation for Odoo ERP

Talk to our Odoo ERP Certified Consultant and clarify the overall roadmap for Odoo ERP based business solution.

sit odoo gold partner

Silent Infotech is a certified Odoo Implementation Partner – USA offering quality business solution through Odoo ERP framework.

Team of ERP Implementation / Integration Specialist. Learn more about our work.

Expert Odoo Consulting Services

Try Odoo Special Hosting

Hosting solution for Odoo ERP, having specific security, monitoring, hosting features in effective cost.

Why Choose Silent Infotech As Odoo Consultant?

Hiring Odoo ERP Consultant Process

Hiring Request

Hiring Request

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Agreement Signing

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Assign Task

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Contract Renewal

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FAQs Related to Odoo Consulting Services

How Can An Odoo Consultant Help Me Customize My Odoo Software?Keyur p2023-01-19T12:03:59+00:00

An Odoo consultant can help a business customize their software by developing new modules and features to meet specific requirements, as well as modifying existing ones.

What Is The Process Of Working With An Odoo Consultant?Keyur p2023-01-19T12:01:30+00:00

The process of working with an Odoo consultant typically involves an initial consultation to assess the business’s needs and goals, followed by the customization, implementation, and deployment of the software. The consultant will also provide ongoing support and maintenance as needed.

What Are The Qualifications Of An Odoo Consultant?Keyur p2023-01-19T12:00:03+00:00

To be an Odoo consultant, one typically needs to have experience working with the Odoo software, as well as a strong understanding of business operations and processes. Additionally, they should have strong technical skills and be familiar with programming languages such as Python.

How Can an Odoo Consultant Help My Business?Keyur p2023-01-19T11:58:44+00:00

An Odoo consultant can assist a business in several ways, such as identifying areas for improvement, customizing the software to meet specific needs, providing training and support, and helping with the implementation and ongoing maintenance of the system.

What Is An Odoo Consultant And What Do They Do?Keyur p2023-01-19T09:49:40+00:00

An Odoo consultant is an expert in the Odoo software, a popular open-source enterprise resource planning (ERP) system. They help businesses customize, implement, and optimize their use of the software to improve their operations and streamline processes.

How Can I Track The Hours Spent Out Of These Hourly Package ?Keyur p2023-01-19T09:44:43+00:00

Enrolling with these hiring plans, along with the project kick-off you will be given the project management portal access integrated with the Time-Tracking tools which automatically feeds your dashboard with the Tasks and Time allocation by Team on your project.

What Will Be The Commencement Time Of The Project?Keyur p2023-01-19T09:22:03+00:00

First, we analyze your given requirement, define the budget, constraint and the phase of hiring. We can commence the project the next working day as we have masterpieces of Odoo ERP Experts which has the ability to tackle all the complications.

Hiring Odoo ERP Consultation With Team Pack, How It Work ?Keyur p2023-01-19T09:19:33+00:00

Hiring with the Odoo consultation package like Expert Team package allows the Team execution of the Odoo Implementation Roadmap.

We enrols up a Team of experts, Collaborating over project management portal with you involved Key stakeholder in that team.

Based on requirements, Business Analyst, Odoo Backend/Frontend Developer, Data Migration Expert, Third-party integration development, gets involved and you can track every hour spent by each team member on various tasks involved.

What Are The Key Points To Be Considered While Outsourcing Your Odoo ERP Project?Keyur p2023-01-19T09:18:00+00:00

When you outsource your Odoo ERP project, you need to consider business analysis skill, defined Odoo system architecture as per the business needs, python skill, strong database knowledge, and server administration too.

How Many Years Of Experience We Have In Odoo ERP?Keyur p2023-01-19T09:16:32+00:00

We have extensive 12+ years of experience in Odoo ERP Development services and some of us have also been part of the core development team of Odoo.

Silent Infotech Text Logo Why Should You Hire Odoo ERP Experts From Silent Infotech?Keyur p2023-01-19T09:15:13+00:00

We are one of the leading Odoo ERP Solution providers which not only give you access to the best Odoo ERP talent around the globe but also save thousands of dollars for reliable outsourcing including Business Analysis, Planning, Development, Customized Solutions, Integrations, Implementations, Migration, and Support to the business projects. Our experienced Odoo Consultants have a proven track record of delivering high-quality services in a proficient manner.

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