Sales Price Change Restriction in Sales Order

The “Sales Price Change Restriction” Odoo module is meticulously designed to shield businesses from the perils associated with unauthorized alterations of sales order and quotation prices. In the absence of this module, Odoo users possess unrestricted power to modify product sale prices, leading to potential costly errors, disparities, or even intentional misuse. This module offers an optimal solution by implementing robust restrictions and access controls to thwart unauthorized price adjustments. By instituting these protective measures, businesses can operate with assurance, knowing that their sales transactions will be considerably more precise and secure.

The Sales Price Change Restriction module empowers organizations with complete authority over their sales pricing process. It facilitates the establishment of user visibility guidelines and the enforcement of time-bound constraints on price adjustments. By furnishing an advanced mechanism for managing pricing with heightened precision and reliability, the “Sales Price Change Restriction” Odoo module guarantees a more dependable sales system and instills greater confidence in customers.


  • Price Lockdown Functionality:

    This module’s core feature is to enforce a price restriction mechanism for both sales orders and quotations. Access to modify prices is restricted to authorized users with the necessary permissions, enhancing price control.

  • User Permission Customization:

    The module introduces additional user permission settings that empower organizations to define who can adjust sale prices at different stages of the sales process. Administrators and managers have the flexibility to configure these permissions in line with the organization’s policies, ensuring price integrity.

  • Adaptable Workflow Configuration:

    Designed with flexibility in mind, this module allows administrators to configure the workflow and permissions to align with specific business processes. This adaptability ensures seamless integration into diverse sales workflows, enhancing usability.

  • Notification Alerts:

    Whenever a price override is requested or executed, relevant stakeholders receive notification alerts via email. This feature keeps key personnel informed of significant price changes, enabling them to closely monitor and manage pricing situations effectively.

  • Error Reduction:

    By automating the image-product association process, this module significantly reduces the margin for errors and inconsistencies that often arise from manual data entry and linking. This automation ensures the delivery of precise and reliable results.