Restrict Sales Price Editing Odoo Module

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By restricting the modification of sales prices, the “Restrict Sales Price Editing” module for Odoo provides a great way to improve the security and control of your company’s pricing strategy. This module has been developed to meet your unique business needs whether you are using the Odoo Community or Enterprise edition.

One may fully manage how sales prices are changed in Odoo by installing the “Restrict Sales Price Editing” module, which ensures precision, consistency, and security in pricing strategy. This enables administrators to properly regulate user privileges, assuring the security of the pricing strategy and eventually enhancing the entire sales process of the organization.

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Features Of Restrict Sales Price Editing Module

  • Pricelist Creation Restrictions:

    The “Restrict Sales Price Editing” module gives the admin the ability to limit user access to create new pricelists. This capability guarantees that only authorized employees within organization may properly oversee the pricing plan. By limiting this capacity, one keep control of pricing structure and avoid illegal alterations that might disrupt your business operations.

  • User Rights Management:

    This module makes it simple for administrators to configure user privileges for modifying unit pricing on sales orders. Admin has the ability to give or reject authorization, allowing you to specify certain roles and responsibilities within your organization when it comes to price changes.

  • Restriction in Customer Pricelist:

    The module’s functionality is expanded to restrict the creation and modification of pricelists for a certain user across all sales processes. This guarantees that pricing processes are consistent and avoid unauthorized changes.

  • Enhanced Security:

    By restricting access to pricelist management the module maintains the security of your pricing data. Only authorized staff members with the essential user privileges can alter sales pricing, reducing the possibility of mistakes or illegal modifications.

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