Restrict Email Followers

In today’s digital age, protecting sensitive and confidential information is paramount. And when it comes to your business operations, email is one of the most vulnerable communication channels. But in Odoo, With Restrict Email Followers Module, you can limit access to email followers and ensure that only the relevant parties have access to critical information.

Restrict Email Followers Module allow you to manage email recipients for essential transactions such as sales orders, quotations, and purchase orders. You’ll have complete control over who receives emails, ensuring that only those who need to know are kept in the email chain.

So, protect your business’s privacy and security with Restrict Email Follower Module and Manage email follower easily with this module in Odoo.

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Demo Video of Restrict Email Followers to Manage Followers in Email Chain

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Features of Restrict Email Followers Module

See Follower Email ID In Recipient:

Before sending an email, you can see list of email followers/recipient emails by using this Odoo module.

Remove Unwanted Email IDs From the Recipient List:

With this restrict email followers module, you have the ability to restrict who receives emails, ensuring that only the intended recipients receive critical information.

Restrict Sharing of Confidential Information:

You can manage who receive emails using this module, so you are limiting the sharing of sensitive information to unwanted person. Thus preventing confidential information from being shared with undesired parties. With Restrict Email Followers Module, businesses can preserve their data privacy and keep control over who has access to their information by restricting the sharing of confidential information.

Complete Control Over Who Receives Information:

Confidential information is not shared with unwanted parties and that businesses communicate their messages to the correct party in the email channel with this Module.

Increase Efficiency and Data Privacy:

Say goodbye to the risk of data breaches. Gain complete control over who receives critical information with the restrict email followers module. By eliminating unwanted email addresses and restricting access to confidential data, you can rest assured that sensitive information is only shared with authorized parties within your organization. At the same time you achieve better efficiency as well.


In conclusion, organizations may protect sensitive information, uphold privacy and security, and improve productivity by using Restrict email followers module. Businesses can ensure that crucial transactions are conveyed efficiently and lower the chance of mistakes or misunderstandings if they have complete control over who receives information.