Odoo – BackBlaze Connector (Odoo Module)

Excellent website backup services are provided by Backblaze.  With Oddo-Backblaze integration, we can take backups easily and affordably. Oddo is simple to set up and provides a limitless backup system for a single Server. 

The approach of the Odoo Backblaze Connector, which backs up everything, may be attractive to beginners. Although even more experienced users might prefer additional flexibility over the restoration choices.

Our services are fare well-tested for connection speed, and we offer a sophisticated alternative for synching files with the best possible backups. The Backblaze integration with Odoo allows you to integrate Backblaze with the integrated ERP solution at Odoo by using the APIs.

BackBlaze Connector


  1. Transferring the license or passing the backups configuration to the new device makes it possible to modify what device is linked to Backblaze.
  2. It creates a personalized installation tied to your profile and rapidly downloads and installations.
  3. You are establishing the Odoo Backblaze Connector API, which allows multiple identifications and personal encryption techniques and reinforces all client data on your computer.

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Demo Video of Odoo – BackBlaze Connector

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Highlights Of Odoo Backblaze Integration

Advanced Desktop Interface

Oddo Backblaze on Windows computers shows a notifications panel bar. With all this, you can access the Backblaze Control Panel instantly. It creates a connection to the webpage View/Restore Files section, and chooses to inherit a backup configuration for future configurations automatically. 

The Oddo Backblaze connection interface is small and well-designed, making it simple to locate and modify specific parameters. It would be best to explore the Settings panel to establish your restore preferences. Basic options include selecting whichever hard disk to back it up and modifying the backup device’s identity.

Flexible Website and Distributing:

Our online interface for Odoo Backblaze integration is efficient and follows the pc software’s uncomplicated style. Our Backblaze Cloud Storage has its areas in the left-hand menu. The time is primarily spent on the Restore/Backup screen. You can alter plan and payment parameters and personal security configurations in the profile and payment sections.

High-End Protection And Confidentiality

The Backblaze integration with Odoo secures a symmetrical AES 128-bit key with 2048-bit keys, which is unique for each recovery “period” on the PC. Back-ups are first encrypted, then transferred across an Encrypted channel to the data centers wherever they continue to be encoded.

So, you may control your cryptographic keys if you are worried about just a criminal, a member of our Backblaze personnel, or a law enforcement officer looking through the backup. Unfortunately, Backblaze will not be prepared to support you in resetting the key if you ever forget or remember the passwords, and users will be unable to recover any protected data backups.

Innovative Data Restoration:

It would help if you only utilized the webpage Recover/View documents option using the Odoo Backblaze Connector to retrieve the data. Four categories are available below: You can download and save them to a USB flash drive, B2, or USB hard disk. The first choice is complimentary, while the B2 alternative utilizes your assertive B2 memory allotment.

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