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Email Configurator For Gmail Odoo Module

The Odoo Gmail Email Configurator module transforms email functionality by interacting with the Gmail-Odoo ERP system. It has an extensive list of features and benefits that help to streamline email communication and increase productivity. Setting up receiving and outgoing mail servers for Gmail-Odoo integration is simple with the Odoo- gmail configurator module. The module easily groups both mail server parameters into a single category, making configuration easier. IMAP is used to retrieve new emails beginning with the most recent download and processing time, even if they are marked as unread. If there are any email processing issues, Odoo automatically retries retrieving emails from the latest successful timestamp. Furthermore, customers can prioritize their self-configured mail server, and if it goes down, the module effortlessly changes to another one.

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Features Of Email Configurator in Odoo For Gmail Module 

  • Two-Way Email Sync Using This Module:

    The Gmail-Odoo Sync using this module synchronizes Gmail and Odoo inboxes in both directions. Users can access, send, receive, and reply to emails with ease inside Odoo, with any changes instantly reflected in their Gmail accounts, and vice versa.

  • Multiple Gmail Account Integration with Odoo ERP:

    Connect and manage several Gmail accounts inside Odoo to move between accounts and access all pertinent emails and information.

  • User-Configured Mail Server Priority:

    Users can prioritize a specific mail server to ensure uninterrupted email interaction. This gives you control over the setup and guarantees that your preferred mail server takes priority.

  • Provider Authorization:

    The module facilitates email service provider authorization, guaranteeing a safe and authorized communication between Odoo and the provider’s servers.

  • Fetch Emails by Date:

    With this module, you can effortlessly fetch emails using IMAP or POP protocols and specify specific dates. This simplifies inbox management and organization by enabling you to conveniently retrieve emails within a desired time frame.

  • Unread Message Retrieval:

    The module provides a seamless way to fetch unread messages without modifying their status. This guarantees that your unread emails stay untouch

  • Threaded Conversations:

    Using threaded views, you can stay organized and on top of email exchanges. Follow and respond to connected emails and replies with ease, as they are properly organized in a discussion thread.

  • Privacy Protection:

    While setting, the module prioritizes the protection of user credentials, assuring the privacy and security of your login information.

  • Access Rights:

    Access rights management enables you to assign user permissions for configuring email preferences in Odoo. It guarantees that only authorized users can manage and adjust the email settings within the system.

  • Error Handling and Retry:

    If a problem occurs when retrieving emails, the module will retry to retrieve them from the mail server. This guarantees that no emails are missed and that all accessible messages are retrieved properly.

  • Sending Emails via User’s SMTP:

    With this module, you can easily send emails using your own SMTP server. Enjoy the freedom of using your own email sending configuration for dependable outgoing message delivery.

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