Mass Invoice Cancellation (Odoo Module)

The Mass Invoice Cancellation module developed by Silent Infotech is a highly efficient Odoo application that empowers users with the capability to swiftly and effortlessly cancel multiple invoices simultaneously. This feature-rich module is particularly well-suited for businesses that handle a substantial volume of invoices and require the ability to cancel them in bulk.

By leveraging this module, users can easily configure mass invoice cancellation options to promptly cancel all invoices that are either in a posted state (with payments not yet registered) or in draft form. This remarkable functionality greatly saves valuable time and resources by automating the otherwise tedious process of canceling invoices, thereby eliminating the need for manual cancellation of each invoice individually.

Overall, the Mass Invoice Cancellation Module from Silent Infotech is an indispensable asset for any business seeking to streamline their invoicing operations, reduce manual workloads, and ultimately achieve significant time and cost savings.


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  • Bulk cancel multiple invoices in single click.
  • Save time and resources by automating the process of canceling invoices.
  • Cancel mass customer invoices with ease.
  • Quickly cancel all invoices that are posted (Payment not registered) or in draft form.
  • Easily configure mass invoice cancel options with this module.

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