Filter Product At PriceList

The “Filter Product At PriceList” module for Odoo allows you to filter products based on price rule and time-based criteria within the sales section of your Odoo ERP. This module helps you streamline and automate product filtering, making it easier to manage your sales processes effectively.

This module for Odoo empowers you to effectively filter products based on price rules and time-based criteria in Odoo. It offers automation of product management, and integration with sales processes, leading to enhanced sales performance and improved customer satisfaction.

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Features Of Filter Product At PriceList

  • Price Rule Filtering:

    With this module, you can create custom price rules and associate them with specific products. These price rules can be based on various criteria such as quantity, customer type, date range, price range or any other relevant factors. The module enables you to automatically filter products based on these rules.

  • Customizable Rules:

    The module offers flexibility in setting up custom rules for product filtering. You can define complex conditions and criteria to determine which products should be included or excluded based on price rules and time-based factors. This level of customization ensures that you have precise control over which products are displayed to customers at any given time.

  • Enhanced Sales Performance:

    The ability to filter products based on price rules and time-based factors helps optimize your sales performance. You can offer targeted pricing and discounts to specific customer groups, run time-limited promotions, and ensure accurate product availability. These features contribute to improved customer satisfaction, increased conversions, and higher sales revenue.

  • Time-based Product Filtering:

    This module allows you to define time-based filters for your products. You can set specific start and end dates for products, which will determine their visibility and availability for sale. This feature is particularly useful for time-limited promotions, seasonal products, or limited-time offers.

  • Automated Product Management:

    By implementing this module, you can automate the process of managing product visibility and pricing. The module will automatically apply the defined filters to the product list, ensuring that only the relevant products are displayed to customers based on the price rules and time-based criteria. This automation saves time and effort in manual product management.

Supported Editions

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