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Extra Price In Product Variant Odoo Module

Unlock the full potential of your Odoo ERP system with the Extra Price In Product Variant Editing module. This comprehensive solution tackles the limitation of editing sale prices for product variants, providing a seamless experience for businesses.

With this module, you gain the ability to modify sale prices for each product variant individually. Say goodbye to generic pricing and accurately reflect variant-specific pricing strategies. Additionally, you have the option to exclude the extra price from appearing on your e-commerce store’s website shop view, ensuring a smooth user experience.

The Extra Price In Product Variant module fills the gap in editing sale prices for product variants within the Odoo ERP system. It empowers businesses to set variant-specific pricing, enhances user satisfaction by hiding the extra price, and enables effective pricing management.

Seamlessly integrating with your Odoo ERP system, this module offers improved pricing accuracy, efficient pricing management, and insightful sales analysis capabilities. Take control of your product variant pricing and elevate your business with the Extra Price In Product Variant module for Odoo.

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Features Of Extra Price In Product Variant Module

  • Edit Sale Price Per Variant:

    The Product Variant Pricing module in the Odoo ERP system empowers users to modify the sale price for each product variant. By enabling variant-specific pricing, businesses can accurately reflect different pricing strategies and account for unique attributes or characteristics of each variant.

  • Exclusion of Extra Price from Website Shop View:

    With this module, businesses have the ability to disable the display of the extra price on the e-commerce store’s website shop view. This functionality ensures a clean and simplified pricing structure for customers, leading to an enhanced user experience and reduced confusion.

  • Efficient Pricing Management:

    The module streamlines pricing management processes by enabling users to easily edit prices for product variants. With this functionality, users can quickly update prices, saving time and effort compared to manual adjustments or alternative methods.

  • Seamless Integration With Odoo:

    The module seamlessly integrates with the Odoo ERP system, leveraging its architecture and database. It works seamlessly with other Odoo modules and functionalities, ensuring data consistency and streamlined operations.

  • Improved Pricing Accuracy:

    Gain greater pricing accuracy and flexibility with the capability to edit sale prices for each variant using this module. Seamlessly adjust prices based on variant-specific factors such as size, color, or additional features, providing customers with precise and customized pricing information.

  • User-Friendly Interface:

    The module provides users with an intuitive and user-friendly interface, ensuring a straightforward and accessible pricing management experience. Regardless of technical knowledge or training, users can effortlessly navigate and update variant prices with ease.

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