eCommerce Product Attachment Module

The “eCommerce Product Attachment” feature enriches the Odoo eCommerce platform by catering to the crucial requirement of furnishing in-depth product insights to users. This functionality empowers the inclusion of diverse file formats, encompassing PDFs, Excel sheets, images, and more. This facilitates enterprises in presenting comprehensive product information such as dimensions, technical specifications, assembly instructions, user guides, and more. Site visitors can conveniently access and download these appended files directly from the product pages. This feature bridges the gap in the default Odoo website capabilities, elevating user satisfaction by furnishing comprehensive product data. By accommodating a wide array of file formats and streamlining the download process, businesses can elevate customer contentment, amplify transparency, and deliver an unparalleled eCommerce journey.

Features Of  Odoo e-Commerce Product Attachment Module 

  • Product Document Attachment:

    The latest module in Odoo offers a user-friendly way to associate documents or files with products. This empowers businesses to incorporate vital details like product dimensions, specifications, installation guides, and other pertinent information seamlessly.

  • Enhanced Product Page:

    The attached files are prominently showcased on the product pages of the eCommerce website. This strategic placement ensures that customers can effortlessly access and review these attachments, gaining a thorough grasp of the product’s attributes and specifications.

  • Improved Customer Experience:

    By granting customers access to and downloads of product attachments, businesses enhance transparency and furnish comprehensive information. This directly contributes to an enriched customer experience.

  • Multiple File Formats Supported:

The “eCommerce Product Attachment” module extends its support to multiple file formats, including PDFs, Excel spreadsheets, and various image types. This versatile compatibility enables businesses to present information to customers in their preferred file style.

  • Seamless Download Experience:

Customers enjoy a hassle-free download experience directly from the website. This streamlined process empowers users to acquire product-related documents such as user manuals, installation guides, or supplementary resources with ease.

  • Customizable Attachment Options:

Businesses can associate multiple files with each product, offering an extensive array of information for their customers

Supported Editions

Community  Enterprise

Demo Video Of eCommerce Product Attachments

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