Customized Brand Template For Quotation

What is Customized Brand Template For Quotation?

Customized brand template uses Prefix and Postfix attachments in reports. Prefix and Postfix attachments are two notations used in computing/generated documents. The difference between prefix and postfix is that the prefix is a notation that writes the operator before operands while the postfix is a notation that writes the operator after the operands.

Why do we need to add Prefix & Postfix Attachment in Generated Reports in Odoo?

If you are generating reports in Odoo such as quotations, bills, and many reports:

  • – Can add the Prefix document as per your requirement
  • – Can add terms & conditions as a postfix attachment
  • – Share/send documents with important prefix and/or postfix attachment
  • – In generated reports automated attachment of prefix & postfix document
  • – No need for any 3rd party software for prefix and postfix attachment
  • – It creates automation for prefix and/or postfix attachment for the desired generated reports in Odoo

Benefits of Generating Report with Customized Brand Template For Reporting and Quotation

Here list-out the main benefits of generating Report(s) with the Prefix & Postfix Attachment Odoo App:

  • This module adds a new option to add prefix and postfix attachments to the generated report such as quotations, Stock reports, accounting reports, and more.
  • Can add prefix and/or postfix documents without any 3rd party software or tools.
  • Generated reports with prefix and/or postfix attachment create good impressions while you share with clients/parties.
  • Save your time for manual attachment of prefix and/or postfix to the generated report


Generating the desired report(s) with customized brand template for quotation is very easy with a custom module developed by Silent Infotech.

Watch the video below to learn how to install the app and set it up