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In today’s information age, we have so much data coming from various places. This could be tough to spend numerous amount of our valuable time to analyze it. This delay often leads to missed opportunities, unnecessary problems, inaccurate forecasting and in the end lost revenue.

“Silent IIOT” dashboard solves all these problems. By using “Silent IIOT” dashboard, you can see all of your data at a glance. Live updates make it easier to analyze and historical data makes it easy to spot trends.
Our dashboards also pulls out the hard work from data processing, allowing you to spend more time on your findings and achieve the results you need.

Silent IIOT Cloud

How does it work?

A world where all the devices and appliances are connected to a network and are used collaboratively to achieve a complex task that requires a high degree of intelligence.

When we come down to the IOT ecosystem there’s no single consensus or again there’s no single architectural design that’s out there which has agreed universally because of each company,each organization, each user for that matter has different requirements and when we look down to it we can break it down to a simple three level architecture as :

Some Key Features

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Silent IIOT Dashboard +
SeaFood ERP

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RFID and loT technology-based Traceability Of Seafood supply chain in web and mobile(Android & iOS).We have designed the IOT dashboard which displays Temperature level, humidity, Ammonia level, light, 02, PH, It is a Cloud-hosted solution, Core business process, real-time and combined with open source technology to ensure an efficient but fully customized ERP solution.

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