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Hire Odoo Developer From Us For Your Successful ERP Implementation

Get in touch with us today to implement the trending and popular open-source Odoo ERP at the finest quality and reasonable costs!

Multiply the growth of your firm with our industry-leading Odoo ERP solutions developed by the most efficient, knowledgeable, and competent team of the top Odoo developers. Time to hire competent Odoo developers to reap the advantages of the Odoo software’s customization, implementation, and integration capabilities.

What Does An Odoo Developer Do?

Odoo developers are competent specialists that build and curate Odoo modules, functionalities, and features for the Odoo ERP software. They are professionals in the Odoo framework and hold in-depth understanding of programming in Python, Javascript, Jquery, etc. Odoo experts are adept at using the entire suite of Odoo ERP modules.

Planning Of Leveraging Your Business? Hire Odoo Developer Now!

Odoo ERP is a complete business platform designed in a manner that efficiently speeds up corporate processes. However, the success of Odoo implementation entirely depends on how competent your development staff is.

Partner with the best Odoo partners in the USA and hire qualified Odoo programmers who can design and adapt the system to your specifications. You can receive the finest ERP solutions by developers having vast experience with Odoo ERP. Silent Infotech offers competent Odoo developers and Odoo specialists who have performed scores of custom development across a wide range of industries.

We boast the best group of Odoo experts who are highly skilled in both technical and functional areas. When you engage with us, you will receive the greatest implementation strategies, first-rate development, and customized services. Silent Infotech provides Odoo development, customisation, integration, and migration services in a streamlined manner.

Steps To Hire Odoo Developer To Boost Your Business

We drive innovation using the latest development standards and dedicate ourselves to creating splendid Odoo concepts, which enables us to provide you with completely tailored and user-friendly solutions. Here are four few steps to hire the best Odoo Developers for your business.

Clarification of the Requirement

Odoo primarily includes three frameworks: website/e-commerce, point of sale, and backend. We are endowed with a group of Odoo developers who are knowledgeable about all Odoo frameworks. Businesses can hire frontend developers, backend developers, or POS developers based on their business requirements after studying the project scope.

Comprehensive Documentation

We assist our clientele in creating the document listing the features that call for Odoo development or customization once the client has provided clear specifications. It will aid us in comprehending the scale of the development progress. Our experts also help you prioritize the features and suggest the most efficient approach for implementing them in Odoo.

Get a Price

Once we have gathered a comprehensive understanding of our client’s requirements and the scope of work involved, we proceed to create a customized quotation tailored to specific business requirements. We carefully evaluates all aspects of the project to ensure that the pricing is fair, transparent, and reflects the level of effort required to complete the Odoo development or customization.

Initiate the Project

Following the payment, our team launches the project right away. By providing development and modification services, our Odoo Experts make sure to meet the exact needs of the clients. Throughout the development process, we maintain regular communication with clients to ensure that they are updated on the progress of the project.

Join Forces With Seasoned Open ERP Developers (Odoo Developers)

Hire Open ERP(Odoo) developers from Silent Infotech that hold ages of combined expertise in creating feature-rich websites and ERP solutions for a wide range of industries. Our professionals can provide Odoo customization and services that will assist you to simplify your business, irrespective of your needs.

Our Odoo specialists at Silent Infotech are prepared to assist you in developing the ideal ERP solution for businesses by employing best practices. We complete your project iteratively while adhering to the agile technique and paying close attention to testing and feedback.

Hire Dedicated Odoo developers or a group of Odoo experts who have the knowledge and experience to comprehend your needs and provide affordable Odoo development services.

Working Model For Odoo Developers

You can select from our flexible Odoo developer hiring option. Depending on the nature of your project, your company’s needs, and your finances, you can choose the appropriate model for Open ERP developers.

Based on the Development Project type

Frontend Development Project

If you need Odoo services for eCommerce project/ website construction, you will require a team of Odoo professionals, which contains the following.

  • Odoo Consultants (Functional)
  • Front-end programmers
  • Odoo API programmers (for integration needs)
  • Quality Inspectors

Backend Development Project

The group working on the backend development project comprises of:

  • Odoo Consultants (Technical & Functional)
  • Backend Programmer
  • Quality Analyst

POS Development Project

The team for the POS development project consists of:

  • Odoo Consultants (Functional)
  • POS Developer for Odoo
  • Quality Engineer

Based on the Budget/Payment strategy

Fixed Price

Multiple phases of this kind of project include:

  • Gap Analysis: Depending on the requirement, it takes 1-2 weeks.
  • Developmental Stage: The team begins the development process after studying the requirements.


When customers choose the monthly payment option, the team will conduct the gap analysis and development process concurrently. The client needs to make monthly payments under this plan.


“When clients select the Yearly payment option, our team begins the Gap analysis and development process at the same time. The customer will be required to pay annually.


If the customer chooses the quarterly payment option, our team simultaneously completes the gap analysis and development process. We can complete the project on schedule because it saves us time.

Odoo Development Services We Offer

An impressive portfolio with a number of certifications and solutions involving Odoo implementation, integration, app development, bug fixing, etc. are among a few services that we offer.

Odoo Implementation

Professional deployment of Odoo will avoid potential pitfalls and save time and resources. Silent Infotech makes sure that the Odoo deployment benefits your business and streamline your business operations. Depending on your needs, our Odoo experts can also assist you in effectively integrating and customizing the ERP system.

Odoo Integration

Our Odoo experts manage flawless Odoo integration with CRM, accounting, and other systems while safeguarding your data and ensuring that it functions without a hitch. Our team assist you in expanding your ERP system’s capabilities and optimizing its performance to better meet your business needs.

Odoo Support

We provide both functional and technical assistance to address all of your business concerns. You get to receive the finest Odoo support services and regular updates from our team of highly qualified professionals. We are available 24/7 to make sure your system is functioning smoothly.

Odoo Consultancy

Looking to optimize your business processes with Odoo but not sure where to start? Our team of highly skilled Odoo consultants can help you identify gaps in your current workflows and provide expert recommendations for customizing and developing your Odoo system to meet your specific business needs.

App Development for Odoo

Hire experienced and qualified Odoo developers to create apps tailored to your company’s needs. Silent Infotech is a specialist in creating customized modules for customers.

Website & Theme for Odoo

With the aid of our Odoo developers, you can create high-end websites with detailed aesthetics, striking functionality, and unique frontend and backend themes.

Custom Odoo Development

We offer top-notch Odoo customization to support you in achieving your desired business objectives. With the help of Odoo experienced developers, maximize the potential of your online presence and app.

Odoo Migration

Our Odoo programmers are skilled in migrating your modules/your entire database from one form/version to another. With post-migration testing, we guarantee a quick and smooth migration.

Why Hire Committed Odoo Developers?

No trouble and no hidden costs! Get easy access to cross-border expertise with Silent Infotech today.


Transparent behavior

You have access to all the developer tools and can have discussions with the Remote Odoo app. To make sure that everybody is on the same page, committed odoo developers offer recurring reports, tools, and streamlined conversation.

Affordable pricing

Saving money

You don’t have to bother about overseeing Odoo developers or their infrastructure requirements when you hire them. You simply need to pay them for the work they do and the time they spend on your project.

Experienced team

Scalable group

With outsourcing, you have the power to leverage your firm without compromising on quality. Thanks to Odoo programmers. Additionally, their extensive market knowledge helps you keep one step ahead of the competition.


Total command

The developers will be in charge of all duties, including planning, development, and maintenance following launch. Hire OpenERP developers to take full control of your project’s deliverables, task assignments, and daily operations.

Transparent pricing


You can scale your project as desired if you hire developers on a freelance basis. Silent Infotech assists you in keeping up with changing industry trends and client expectations when you hire Odoo developer from us.


Complete solution

Odoo experts will assist you with a range of strategies right from personalizing a feature, to creating a solution that is specifically designed for your company. Employ a group of professionals from us today to receive comprehensive solutions.

Are you looking for a Committed Odoo Developers?

Hire Odoo Developers with more than 10+ years experience and working experience in different industries. Connect with our Odoo Experts to discuss your requirements.

Why Choose Silent Infotech For Hiring Odoo Developers?

Silent Infotech is blessed with highly qualified, reputable, tech-savvy, and efficient Odoo ERP experts and developers that hold intensive experience and are industry leaders. By adhering to strict coding standards and having a deep understanding of the subject matter, we ensure you receive the best from us.

Experienced team

Specialists in Odoo

We have a team of skilled Odoo developers with years of experience who have worked in a variety of industries.

Tailored Engagement Models

Versatile Options

You will have total control over how the project is carried out and delivered, as well as how Odoo developers are chosen.


Monitor Project

Keep an eye on your development projects and make modifications as needed. You will also receive work reports frequently.

Easy communication skills

Easy Communication

Connect with our Odoo developers via Google Meet, WhatsApp, Skype, or any other platform that suits you best.


Supervisory Experience

Your development project will be guided by our qualified project managers and Certified Odoo experts as required.

Time Zone Alignment

Prompt Assistance

Receive individualized support from our team of Odoo experts. Our skilled developers will handle your problems within a matter of time.

FAQs Related to Hiring Odoo Developers

How are we Going to Get in Touch with the Odoo Developer?Keyur p2022-11-23T14:31:23+00:00

In order to facilitate effective communications between the client and the developers, Silent Infotech offers a project management solution. You can post queries, problems, or other difficulties here. Our developers will be available to respond to it.

How can Odoo Benefit Your Company?Keyur p2022-11-23T14:39:47+00:00

Odoo is an open-source and scalable tool that assists companies in efficiently carrying out crucial activities. No matter how complex your business processes are, Odoo can help them all run more efficiently. This includes ERP, CRM, marketing, mobile apps, sales, and commercial services. It can therefore save tremendous time and effort if implemented appropriately.

How Does Odoo ERP Differ From Other ERPs on the Market?Keyur p2022-11-23T14:34:01+00:00

Odoo is a centralized enterprise resource planning (ERP) system that doesn’t restrict its functionality based on the size of the company. Small, medium-sized, and enterprise-level enterprises of all sizes can benefit hugely from Odoo ERP solutions. 

What Are the Benefits of Outsourcing an Odoo Development Team?Keyur p2022-11-23T14:36:04+00:00

The primary benefit of outsourcing Odoo specialists is the sharp drop in operational costs. In addition, you gain from the efforts of a skilled and committed development team as they work on your project to produce the best possible outcome for your company.

What is the Cost of Hiring a Dedicated Odoo Developer?Keyur p2022-11-23T14:29:56+00:00

The price of hiring an Odoo developer varies depending on your company’s needs and choice of your development model. You can hire an Odoo developer based on your business needs by selecting from one of the three common price models.

What Qualifications Should An Ideal Odoo Developer Possess?Keyur p2022-11-23T14:35:06+00:00

The dedicated Odoo engineers you employ must have practical experience with the Python-based Odoo framework. Additionally, look at their employment history, test results, and soft skills.

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