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ERP for
E-Commerce Business

A highly customizable E-Commerce solution with integrated backend ERP workflow for Sales management, Drop-Shipping, Inventory, and Shipping.

Moreover, it has added flexibility for using Existing web theme templates and customizing on top of it.

ERP for
SeaFood Business

A cloud-based Seafood ERP customized as per the need of SeaFood Industry. It provides the track and trace of the Seafood freshness. It also provides the records of daily catch submission associated by the Fishermen as suppliers through the Catch Management System.

RFID Enabled Inventory management which will eliminate the manual data entry about stock. It will keep track of inventory in an automated way with tractability based on serially (RFID Numbers) identifiable storage containers (or crates).

Integrated IOT associates sensor values with storage locations and Facility.“Condition Monitoring” will offer real-time data from Environment sensors, Water Quality Sensors, ammonia sensors and DiOx Sensors in freezer storage or during transit. It also provides IoT Integration for the Weighing Scale.

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ERP for
Manufacturing Business

A real-time integrated system that manages investment costs, fluctuating cost of goods and logistics, outsourced supplychain, labor costs and pair your product offerings with customer demand at competitive pricing.

A fully integrated ERP solution that streamlines the process from customer order to distribution.

Trading Business

A modern computing system for accessing and handling business performance comes up with actionable statistics to every decision-maker in the enterprise.

Including sales, purchase, inventory, and excise for trader’s financial accounting helps to grow business by delivering dignity, building and carrying successfully customized enterprise solution.

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