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Business solution with end-to-end process/workflow.

Our Services 

ERP Implementation

Requirement based Feature Customisation,
Data Migration & Training


ERP Cloud Hosting

Scalable, Secure, Cost-Effective Web ERP Cloud hosting.

Technical Support

After Implementation Software Technical, Feature Enhancements & support.

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ERP for E-Commerce Business

A highly customizable E-Commerce solution with integrated backend ERP workflow for Sales management, Drop-Shipping, Inventory, and Shipping.

Moreover, it has added flexibility for using Existing web theme templates and customizing on top of it.

FEATURES & Modules 

E-Commerce shop

Mobile Responsive Shopping website with CMS features like dynamic landing pages, Blogs, Google Analytics and infinite possibilities with customization.

Sales Management

Integrated management for Sales management from different channels Web Sales, Amazon Orders, etc.

inventory management

Documenting Received & Delivered stock for Order.
Real-Time Inventory Stock Valuation.

Payment Gateway

Odoo E-Commerce comes with built-in integration with well-known payment processors like Paypal, Authorize.Net, PayTM, etc.

Integrated Shipping

It includes the shipping management in Inventory integrated with well-known shipping services like FedEx, UPS, etc.


Industry standard double-entry accounting with the country-specific chart of account. 

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ERP for SeaFood Business

A cloud-based Fisheries ERP which can handle the records of daily catch submission by associated Fishermen as suppliers.

Inventory management with tractability based on serially identifiable storage containers (or crates).

Integrated IOT associates sensor values with storage locations and containers and hence provide the traceable condition monitoring.

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FEATURES & Modules 

Inventory Management

Serialized Inventory tracking based on storage containers. Real-time Stock reporting.

Processing & Grading

Automated record keeping on grading and packaging


RFID based automated check-in onto various inventory location allows a trace of the product through the purchase to logistics.

Mobile Application

Integrated Mobile apps avail creating purchase slips right at the wharf/dock using handheld devices.

Sales Management

From the main container, you can change the background to highlight features.

Condition Monitoring

Integration IIOT dashboard providing a real-time view of various sensors installed on storage locations measuring temperature & water quality.

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ERP for Manufacturing Business

A real-time integrated system that manages investment costs, fluctuating cost of goods and logistics, outsourced supplychain, labor costs and pair your product offerings with customer demand at competitive pricing. 

A fully integrated ERP solution streamlines the process from customer order through to distribution.

FEATURES & Modules


Advanced planning &Scheduling

Provide useful management of manufacturing processes, including production planning, scheduling, and inventory control.


Monitor and manage a project from the engineering stage through production and distribution.

Multi-location inventories

Most manufacturers have multiple warehouse locations, some even have multiple manufacturing locations. This set of features have allows distribution managers to maintain accurate inventories at multiple locations. 

bill of material

Manufacturers can maintain sufficient quantities of these items to ensure uninterpreted manufacturing with a minimal amount of waste or unused parts.


Take the location or application of materials, parts, and products and create a record of their location or application

Warehouse management

This set of features allows an organization to control the movement and storage of materials within a warehouse, including managing such associated processes as shipping, receiving, picking, and storage.

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ERP for CRM and Trading Business

A modern computing system accessed and handled business performance come up with actionable statistics to every decision-maker in the enterprise.

Including sales, purchase, inventory, and excise for traders financial accounting which allowed business by delivering dignity, building and carrying successfully customized enterprise solution.

FEATURES & Modules 

Manage customer

360-degree view of customer available 24/7.


Define rules and alerts to perform certain actions like welcome email, thank you for an email, feedback email.

customer support

Customer support tickets creation, manage support tickets, close case and communicate with the customer.

Manage workflow

Collect customer, orders, tickets, invoices, and collaborate and let us automate the custom task.

Dashboard & reports

CRM reporting engine with an attractive dashboard is far beyond traditional reporting, it provides in-depth analysis and conversation metrics, and drill down with periodic email reports.


A fast analytics tool to check revenue, find the best sales channels and ad campaign.

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