The problem

Generally on a fresh or with demo data odoo pos loads very fast and works quite well as it’s having limited number of products and customers. Also during the evaluation of the Odoo point of sale(POS), we only test odoo POS loading on a single terminal. Most of the businesses require a significant amount of customization to make it operationalized. After the implementation when large amounts of data like thousands of products and customers are loaded odoo point of sales start becoming slow gradually. This is called the Odoo point of sale slow loading issue.

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Reasons & Solutions for Odoo POS (Point Of Sale) Slowdown

1. Products Loading

products slow loading odoo pos

As mentioned before when you have thousands of products at the point of sale, odoo POS used to take 4-5 minutes to load the session. It is quite tedious and not feasible for any store. So as a solution, we must have to develop Product caching mechanisms to overcome product loading issue. And it will run as smooth as browsing website.

2. Customers Loading

When the number of customers increases in the system and approaches towards more than thousand customers, odoo POS will start loading slowly. Sometimes it stopped loading and the system administrator had to archive the customers to load it again. In that case, Proper customer loading and syncing mechanisms should be used to overcome customer loading issue.

Customer slow loading odoo pos

When there is more than 5 POS Terminals

when there is more than 5 pos terminals

When the number of odoo point of sale terminals are more than five, you may face point of sale background order synchronization issues. Out of the box Odoo point of sale architecture is capable enough to handle temporary network/server failure. But when we have more number of Odoo POS terminals and the server is not tuned properly you may encounter this problem.

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Odoo Point of Sale(POS) system’s architecture is capable of handling hundreds of terminals, thousands of products and millions of customers. Things to be considered, Server has to be tuned properly and customized code has to be written with the industry standard practices to load / write required data only when needed.

If you have any query regarding POS modules slow down and it’s finetuning, Please feel free to reach out us here