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TAP payment Acquirer – Easy integration with Odoo ERP

For your ever growing business, if in need of simple, powerful way for selling online and accept payments, TAP Payment is built specifically for you.

Tap is the fastest growing payment acquirer among middle east with some outstanding easy to integrate new features. It is continuously boosting client’s sale by leaps and bounds since 2014.

On the other hand Odoo – an opensource & turnkey eCommerce solutions, which comes as a complete bundle to handle all your business needs.

The Tap Payment Acquirer – Odoo eCommerce addon (module) works charm to get your eCommerce a seamless integration with the cart checkout of Odoo eCommerce.

Key Features

Foremost advantages of TAP integration with Odoo ERP

World is moving towards a cashless economy every single day by leaps and bounds because it not only eases one’s life but also helps authenticate and formalize the transactions that are done. So it’s quite necessary nowadays that your ecommerce store or online shop has an online payment option enabled and all the stores is synced with ERP like Odoo or other. I am listing below some of the key advantages.

1. Saves Transaction Records 

The Odoo module saves the details of all transactions in the backend. So it becomes very easy afterwards to generate an analysis report based on products sales, promotions and multiple other aspects.

2. Secure and reliable transactions. 

Odoo and TAP both utilizes industry-standard encryption and effectively protects sensitive data, protecting both merchants and consumers from fraud.

3. No labour cost

4. Supports customer disputes and queries

5. Expanded customer base

Payment gateways enable shoppers from around the world to have access to your store and can expand your customer base exponentially.

6. Comprehensive Reporting and analysis

Easy report generation, payment settlements and account reconciliation process through the one screen of Odoo ERP.

7. Low risk of theft

8. Efficient management of Account Receivables and many more

How to integrate TAP with Odoo

It does not demand huge effort in integrating TAP payment gateways with Odoo ERP especially when we have developed module that just needs secret API key to start working on the website as a payment gateway. Below given is the detailed step to configure TAP with the Odoo ERP.

Steps to configure Tap payment module from the Odoo backend

Odoo tap payment integration

Payment Module Configuration

– Once the Tap payment module is deployed on the Odoo Server, and the Odoo service is restarted, On can log in as Odoo Admin and install the Module from Odoo Apps

– When Module is installed and it becomes available for configuration under the
Website → Configuration → Payment Acquirers

– Go to the Configure and proceed with the configuration for API Credentials.

Configuring the API Keys

– Once the module is installed under the Website configuration settings one can open the Tap Payment Acquirer settings.

– Mandatory configurations steps :
Configure the Secret API key
Set the Environment to Production or Testing based on the secret key used

Odoo tap payment integration
payment acquirer

Tap Payment API Secret Keys need to be copied from Tap Payment Business account portal: https://businesses.tap.company/

This screen capture shows which API Key is needed to be configured, based on the Environment configured on the odoo payment configuration : Production / Testing

Below workflow shows online payment procedure using Tap

tap odoo integration
  • Adding the products to the cart
odoo web tap
  • Check out page and choosing Tap as a payment option
pay process
  • Page to add card details on the Tap payment page
Tap payment acquirer odoo integration
  • Order confirmation details
Tap payment acquirer
  • Screen in case of payment is declined
Tap payment acquirer odoo integration
  • Multi-currency payment option selection

If you find any difficulties in payment gateway integration or if you have any other query, feel free to reach out to us.

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Get Free Odoo Consultation

Our business analyst will help you choose best options to make your ERP implementation successful.