Why EDI – An overview?

Each business being an independently operating organization, most of them use different ERP or Business management Software tools either Web / Cloud-based ERP or Traditional desktop based Software.

Also, there is always a key need for Business transactions ( eg. Purchase Orders, Invoices & Bills, Delivery Documents ) to be communicated to the business partners, which usually is done using file attachments with a communication channel as an Email. But this is less efficient when the exchange of such business records or documents is very frequent as every time it is exchanged – the data entry is needed to be done into the Other business ERP system.

EDI is the broad concept – which evolved as the de-facto standard, to structure the information format in specific ASCII format so that it can be exported from ERP system 1 and can be Imported and Parsed by ERP System 2.

The Core idea here is to optimize the Information exchange in an automated way – with the least human interventions.

Electronic Data Interchange(EDI)

EDI allows exchange of business documents digitally in standard formatting among multiple business partners and sending information to customers. About 80-90 percent of business traffic is being done by EDI and is increasing tremendously.

SPSCommerce as EDI Exchange service provider

Being one of the leading EDI providers, 90,000+ organization uses SPSCommerce as it is pre-wired for almost every business type. Also, SPSCommerce provides connections to the world’s leading organizations to connect and use features of EDI with them. CLICK HERE to find the potential retailers you are looking for.

Why do you need an SPS – Odoo connection?

Odoo being the all-in-solution for ERP/CRM is providing millions of companies with solutions for their every department. There would be multiple document sharing among the companies and as a result, SPScommerce with such a wide quality user range helps in interchanging the documents/data electronically. This integration allows you to with features of Odoo i.e. ERP, CRM, OMS, WMS, etc with automated document processing from other organizations done by EDI provider SPSCommerce.

Odoo – SPSCommerce Integration

This integration allows Odoo user companies to interchange data digitally through SPSCommerce. Therefore, Odoo users companies can exchange documents with SPS’s EDI protocol. The integration lets your wide distribution network with huge transactions over EDI for streamline document management outside the organization through SPS and in-house managing and processing through Odoo.

Benefits of EDI are Document processing speed up, Exchange of documents is done digitally rather than traditional paper-based sharing, Accurately automation as per defined rules, Cost reduction, and sorting expired documents for data cleaning. A company can automate document processing from quotation, purchase/sale order, invoice, delivery receipts, etc to make company processes streamline and error-free.

The integration should be handled by an Expert Team or individual, for in-house process and data handling between Odoo and SPSCommerce as well.

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