Door Eye – Home Security Device


Introducing Door Eye

Door eye is smartly designed home security appliance which acts upon the door bell ring provides the owner with the real-time photo capture of the person ringing the door bell.

  • The module is simple and easy to install.
  • It works with the existing doorbell wiring of the Home.
  • Can be mounted at required angle and height.

How it works

It works as simple as when someone rings your doorbell, your smart-phone blurts and buzzes, and with a tap, you can view the captured snap of the visitor. It doesn’t matter if you’re in the kitchen, at the office.

Key functions

  • Visitor Ring alert – System alerts with the visitor’s image when anyone rings the doorbell.
  • Motion detected Alert – It alerts user detecting visitor with its Motion detection Sensor.
  • User demanded capture – User can request capture of the door front anytime/anywhere from the Application.
  • On Demand Video stream – the real-time video stream of the visitor is no more away than a single tap on the app.


  • It is your private and trusted gate keeper to protect your home.
  • Images being transferred to the phone will be encrypted.
  • User can stop notifications upon losing phone.
  • Add/Remove family members right from your app securely.

One Reply to “Door Eye – Home Security Device”

  1. I am always excited to see the new innovations by Silent Infotech.
    Talking about Door Eye – its brillient door watcher that can be helpful for multi floored homes as well as startups who can’t afford receptions in the beginning.
    I am using it at my company and feeling relax after the installation. Its very easy and can be installed with the exhisting door ball without much wiring modifications, thanks to Silent Infotech team. It also makes technology impression to our clients that means a lot for our business.
    The product is simply awesome. Always waiting for exciting updates.

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