• Advanced Attendance Management allows your Odoo instance to take a picture of the employee while they Check-In/Check-Out for the Shift start/Breaks/Shift Over.
  • In the Kiosk Mode, after manually selecting your employee profile, the Module helps you to also click the picture of the employee while logging in/logging out.
  • This module allows you to check the Attendance entry details for the particular employees along with their images, to make sure that the employee themself have made the attendance entry leaving no chance of proxies for your staff.
  • You can check on reporting of the employee’s working time; whether the employee is attending hours Under/Extra as per the Standard Working Hours configured.
  • The Attendance Summary calculates the difference between Actual Worked Time and the Standard Working Hours. This provides you whether the employee has worked Extra OR Under the decided Standard Working Hours.

Allow your Kiosk to take the Employee Images when they make Attendance Entries. Check the Attendance Summary for employee working hours reports

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