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Telecom Contract Management CRM & ERP System

Telecom is a very different domain in comparison to others and hence generic systems can’t handle everything. Service providers would be needing a solution that is meant uniquely for their business workflow.

The features of our model are not limited to just the CRM features. It covers various features of CRM, Sales, Order management, installation, support, and contract management.

Rather than using traditional methods on excel spreadsheets or expensive and high maintenance pre-built solutions, a telecom provider needs a solution that is budget-friendly and exclusively built for their business purpose. An OpenSource ERP platform like Odoo ERP which is highly customizable for any business needs can be used to build a Telecom Management Solution on top of it.

Contract Management Life Cycle For Telecom Business

contract management

Key Features Of Telecom ERP & Contract Management System

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Telecom Contract Management Challenges

  • Managing Multiple Vendor Contracts

    leading to complexities of contract language and terms across the vendors

  • Many Contractual Moving Parts

    such as multiple currencies, varying financial and performance terms, different laws, and regulatory requirements

  • Fulfilling Compliance Requirements

    Federal Communications Commission (FCC), Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA), and data privacy regulations like GDPR
  • Monitoring Contracts Constantly

    For contractual obligations, service levels, milestones, renewal, and expirations

Telecom ERP

Benefits Of Using Odoo For Telecom Contract Management Software

  • Quoting and contract management are the two most important components of the telecom business.
  • CRM manages customer sales activities.
  • You can efficiently handle sales rep commissions and in-house service quotes for mobile phones, phone lines, and cellular data systems.
  • Sales quote is based on tariff plan management with price plan rules.
  • The system allows you to quickly create various types of customized quotes (network-based, device-based, software-based, etc.) that can be scheduled according to your sales cycle so that customers do not have to wait long periods of time for a quotation; plus these quotations can be processed automatically by an account executive.

Creditsafe Integration

  • Creditsafe platform helps to get insight into every private and public company, and the people behind them. Creditsafe works with companies across all sectors.
  • Odoo CRM Credit Safe Connector allows you to integrate the Credit Safe platform into your Odoo ERP.
  • This connector allows you to get more insights about the customer and hence make better decisions about your customers and suppliers.

Learn More about Creditsafe Odoo Connector

Odoo creditsafe integration
Odoo xero integration

Xero Integration

  • Sometimes businesses use different platforms for different office exercises such as Xero Accounting is used for tracking records of invoices/bills and payments.
  • The XeroOdoo Connector sync invoicing and payment across both Odoo and Xero platforms.
  • This module makes sure that the sales invoice is matched with its corresponding payment entry, allowing for better control of the ledger entries.
  • Because of this feature, the user can control where the money goes, which makes it easy for you to take strategic decisions for your business.

AutoTask Integration

  • The key purpose of this is to integrate Odoo with AutoTask HelpDesk to track support issues, service requests, incidents, and problems for internal and external customers.
  • Get the list and insight of the Help & Support activities in the Odoo which are generated from the AutoTask Service Desk.
  • The integration allows users to experience an Industry-ready Managed IT helpdesk allowing data mapping among other departmental operations for Sales, Accounting, Servicing, etc.
Odoo autotask integration
Odoo abillity integration

WebaBILLity Integration

  • WebaBILLity – The IT and Telecom billing solution for billing customers accurately and effectively.
  • WebaBILLity is integrated with Odoo ERP to manage Billing from the platforms and import the data into Odoo to map with the operations for Recurring Invoicing, Accounting, Invoicing, Sales Orders, etc.

Components Of The Telecom Contract Management System

Risk Analysis

  1. Contract risk segmentation analysis
  2. Proximity to core analysis


  1. Benefits tracking
  2. Financial management
  3. Pricing reviews
  4. Financial risk

Suppliers and Contract

  1. Contract management plan
  2. Supplier relationship management
  3. Transaction management
  4. Variation


  1. Key performance indicators
  2. Reporting frequency
  3. Reporting hierarchy

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