Server Administration Services

Silent Infotech is one of the leading service providers in server maintenance. We have a wide and growing client base across India. Our team is responsible for administering the client’s servers, managing and updating the same as well as keeping it secured. We manage the accounts as per the customer’s requirements. Our preventive maintenance is designed to keep the software applications running smoothly and avoiding any kind of network failure.

Our serve administration services are available for Windows, Linux and Unix platforms. You can choose the plan and services that are tailor-made as per your needs. Over the years, we have successfully managed and administered servers of innumerable data centers, corporates as well as cloud platforms.

Key Features of Our Client Server Administration and Maintenance Services

  • Checkup of all automated systems
  • Ensuring proper set-up, configuration and installation
  • Identifying possible risks to the security system
  • Taking proper backup of the system and data at regular duration
  • Assessing the space in the hard drive
  • Looking up the log files in the server
  • Making sure that folder permissions are present
  • Examining the security features
  • Updating anti-virus software on all the computers
  • Checking up hacking attempts and security alerts on the server log
  • Making sure all software and services packs are updated
  • Ensuring regular backup to prevent and retrieve loss of data from the computer in case of a system failure

We even do a complimentary assessment of the technology required and offer cost-effective solutions for the growth of your company. Our team is all aimed to handle your server administration services so that your work becomes easier.

Why Choose Us?

  • Silent Infotech is backed by years of experience in the field of server maintenance and has worked with several well-known companies.
  • Our approach is comprehensive and we have a huge team of experts.
  • Our server support is not just affordable, but we also reduce your stress and enhance productivity.
  • We offer a single point of contact for all your server and network related work so that your job become easy.

Zimbra MBox Sync

MBox Sync is Zimbra synchronization/migration tool which any server administrator will love to use

It eases the synchornization among the multiple instance of ZCS (Zimbra collaboration Suite) implemented in the horizontally scaled fashion (Multi-server setup).

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Radius Manager

Radius Manager

Reliable user and bandwidth management platform for 60+ ISPs across the globe and hence more than 2 million users have their faith in us.

Our expertise is with RADIUS systems spans extensive background related technology, protocol, or server implementation :

  • Advance Radius server setup with Security enabled Linux servers
  • Migrations from the existing on-premise server over to cloud hosted.
  • Scheduled backup and firewall strengthening.
  • Radius Server administration and consultation

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Zimbra Provisioning

Its a WHMCS provisioning module developed by Silent Infotech.

It bridges WHMCS with ZCS Server, providing delegation of the Domain based User management as well as Alias management.