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RFID IoT Gateway

An industrial-grade RFID IoT Gateway  – POE

RFID IoT Gateway

Connect Multiple Readers to exchange data with System

IoT gateway diagram
  • The RFID IOT Gateway interacts with a wide range of RFID tags and scanners. The device is installed between the reader and server to collect metadata from the tag or scanner and then push that data into your Odoo Enterprise resource. This package bridges data from various sources to Odoo Applications. 
  • It captures the scanned tags and pushes that data to Odoo Server – so it can be used for automated delivery scanning (instead of using one-by-one barcode scanning). The RFID IoT Gateway is a generic IoT gateway for bridging data from various sources to Odoo Applications. The main function of this product is to provide a special device to enable automated delivery scanning using radio-frequency identification (RFID) technology.
  • Using the gateway, you can connect data from different RFID fixed readers and send these data to an Odoo server for further processing. The gateway is compatible with a range of RFID Readers like Impinj, Zebra RFID readers.

How Does RFID IOT Gateway Works?

RFID IoT Gateway

Key Features of RFID IOT Gateway

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Featured Use-Cases of RFID IOT Gateway

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Common FAQs Related to RFID IOT Gateway

What is an RFID IoT Gateway?Keyur p2023-04-27T16:39:23+00:00

An RFID IoT Gateway is a device that acts as a bridge between RFID readers and the cloud, enabling communication and data transfer between them. It allows for real-time monitoring of RFID tag data and facilitates the integration of RFID systems with IoT applications.

What are the Benefits of Using an RFID IoT Gateway?Keyur p2023-04-27T16:41:25+00:00

Some benefits of using an RFID IoT Gateway include real-time data monitoring, improved data accuracy, reduced data collection time, increased automation, and improved asset management.

What are the Components of an RFID IoT Gateway?Keyur p2023-04-27T16:43:18+00:00

An RFID IoT Gateway typically consists of an RFID reader, a microcontroller, connectivity options (such as Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Ethernet, or cellular), and software for managing and transferring data.

What is the Role of the RFID Reader in an RFID IoT Gateway?Keyur p2023-04-27T16:45:08+00:00

The RFID reader is responsible for reading data from RFID tags and sending it to the microcontroller, which then processes the data and sends it to the cloud.

How Does an RFID IoT Gateway Integrate with Cloud Services?Keyur p2023-04-28T06:34:19+00:00

An RFID IoT Gateway can integrate with cloud services through APIs (Application Programming Interfaces) or by using IoT platforms that provide pre-built integrations. For more information, start free consultation with Silent Infotech.

What are Some Common Use Cases for RFID IoT Gateways?Keyur p2023-04-28T06:36:32+00:00

Some common use cases for RFID IoT Gateways include inventory management, asset tracking, supply chain management, and access control.

What are Factors to Consider When Selecting an RFID IoT Gateway?Keyur p2023-04-28T06:43:07+00:00

There are a number of factors to consider when selecting an RFID IoT Gateway including the RFID frequency supported, the range of the RFID reader, the connectivity options available, the processing power of the microcontroller, and the software capabilities. It is recommended to take help of experts to get the best RFID IOT Solution for your business based on the requirements.

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