Manufacturing ERP

Odoo ERP for UAV/UAS Manufacturer

Odoo Tech Team2023-09-28T12:07:53+00:00

The ERP is designed for Aviation Manufacturing operations handling to manage Inventory, Drone Manufacturing, Quality Checkpoints after every stage in Manufacturing, Fleet Management, Pre/Post Flight Analysis, Customer Delivery Request Portal, and more unique features an Aviation ERP needs.

Odoo ERP for Manufacturing Industry

Odoo Tech Team2023-09-28T09:23:22+00:00

Designed and Customized the Odoo flow in order to build a unique solution that fits best for Wood Chipping Blades Manufacturing Company. The ERP manages the Orders, Manufacturing management, Products & Kit/bundle management, Accurate Reporting, Shipping and many more features.



The ERP for a radio-frequency component manufacturer to manage their business process. We have included the dynamic cable configurator where the customer can dynamically create their own cable assembly automatically into the system and will set all the parameters based on the configurations.

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