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ERP Solution Implementation

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Seafood ERP

Happy FishTech (NS - Canada)

Seafood supplychain ERP furnish the fictitious traverse among suppliers and customers. Seafood caught by the lobsterer and is then tagged with the RFID or QR codes > This then gets transferred, and the sensors on the seafood transmit information in real-time about location, time date, etc. Read More

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Cheapfavorshop.com (Texas - USA)

The ERP manages the orders from customers and product manufacturing process, with the integrated designer where customers personalize the products you offer.

It allows you to design Letterheads, Business Cards, Brochures, Training Manuals, Flex Printing, Glow Sign Board Manufacturing, Vinyl Printing, Acrylic Sheets, mug(Crockery), t-shirts, bags, frames, etc. Read More

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P1dB Inc (California - USA)

The ERP for a radio-frequency component manufacturer to manage their business process. We have included the dynamic cable configurator where the customer can dynamically create their own cable assembly automatically into the system and will set all the parameters based on the configurations. Website

Odoo ERP Apps / Modules 

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Backend Material Theme

Material Backend Theme is an exemplary Odoo Backend Theme based on HTML5 that comes with different font colors, multiple views, and customization facility.

Using this responsive and professional backend theme for Odoo website, you will be able to give a vibrant look to your Odoo store backend. Website

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Odoo - Opencell (MEVEO)

Seamless integration of two giant financial systems in order to achieve smooth migration without any extra migration cost! Established fully IFRS compliant accounting system for a telecom giant XGate

Similar integration for Odoo and Quickbook accounting/bookkeeping system has been achieved as well. Watch Video

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Odoo - DPD

The seamless integration of label printers with Odoo. DPD thermal printer API integration with Odoo for manufacturing and trading industries to print labels and directly ship the packages. Fully automated and tacked process integrated with ERP system to have all the records on the same page/platform. Watch Video

Enterprise Email Solution

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(Arkansas - USA)

The portal needed integrated collaboration/messaging which suppcol-sm-12 bg-mild text-center ort the attachments. We came up with a solution, that was highly reliable and had the best scalability, We developed upon the Zimbra communication server a customized User Interface providing integrated user experience. Developed the well-designed REST API layer allowing the portal to efficiently talk with Zimbra Mail Server. Website

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Life Simple

(Texas - USA)

LifeSimple is based in Austin, Texas. They provide scheduling solution to local business and organizations to help people organize their day to day activities. LifeSimple wanted a solution in the form of web and apps.

Our solution was to implement a Zimbra mailing server and apps for Android and iOS that can sync directly with LifeSimple's database. Website

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(Queensland - Australia)

Customized Multi-server Zimbra collaboration suite setup for mebsites.com.

Includes the migration of the 200 mailboxes from the existing old mail service.

Silent Infotech Team provided the real-time engineering and Mail Server administration services and thus setting up the desired Email infrastructure in a time of 2 Weeks. Website