We are proud to announce that we are a first NextCloud partner in India. The most reliable secure file sharing platform. Collaboration is a key! NextCloud 11 is available with many integrations and hence, it is more than just a file storage to boost your business.

Utmost security and data privacy are being provided by the underlying code itself. Moreover, as a NextCloud partner in India, we are offering secure and highly reliable on-premise infrastructure setup. You can have a choice of the infrastructure and you can count on us for administration services.

Being a first next cloud distributor in India, we are providing next cloud customization services as well. We can brand NextCloud client for you. Leverage the power of open source and rebrand the NextCloud in the name of your own organization.


Setup NextCloud on premise to enable highly secured file sharing and data storage with high level privacy. The system must be implemented with SSL, Firewalls, Routing tables and all the security aspects. The NextCloud client apps must be communicate with secure connections to the server.


Security Offered

  • Brute force protection
  • Advanced File Access Control
  • Password confirmation for sensitive actions
  • Server-side encryption
  • Support for Kerberos authentication
  • CSP 3.0 protection and Same-site Cookies Support improvements
  • App-specific tokens can be forbidden file system access


  • Integration with LDAP
  • Provision for Token based authentication


  • Nextcloud architecture can be scaled horizontally with multiple serving instances and capabilities of plugging in the NFS storage which provides added reliability.
  • It offers to use various types of data stores to secure data separately than the main server.

Security & Setup

Server Specifications



Server Type Bare Metal
Virtualization Platform Proxmox 4.0
Networking Type vRack private network
Public IPs 2
Host Operating System Debian
Guest OS Centos 7.2
VCPU 4 3.8GHz /4.2GHz
Disk (HDD) 200 GB
Bandwidth 1 TB
Load Balancer Any
NAS Backup Any
OS Firewall CUFS
Monitoring Icinga
Web Server nginx
SSH Attack prevention Fail2Ban