Odoo Advance  Email Configurator

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Highlights – Odoo Advance Email Configurator App

  • Odoo Advance Email Configurator helps to auto-configure the incoming and outgoing mail servers directly from the preferences.
  • It makes convenient to use both the mail server parameters in one category.
  • Odoo Email Configurator also allows to fetch new emails (using IMAP) received from the last time they were downloaded and successfully processed, in addition to ‘unread’ status.
  • In case of errors found during the processing of an email, Odoo will re-attempt to fetch the emails from the last date and time they were successfully received and processed.
  • With this easy to use functionality, you will be able to save your precious time and quickly can access the mail servers.
  • Odoo Email Configurator Module provides the functionality of prioritizing the mail server self configured by the user. However, if the mail server of user is not available then it will by default prioritize the existing mail servers.

Glimpse Of Odoo Email Configuration Solution

How to Install App

  • For Installation – Go to apps -> Search ‘odoo advance email configurator’ -> Install.

How to use Odoo Email Configurator 

  • After Installation – Go to settings -> (Username) -> Preferences.
  • The provider can be directly selected from the preferences.

Auto Generate

  • Go to settings -> General settings -> Auto generate ( tick ).
  • If auto generate is selected, then when the user is created, it will automatically configure Incoming and outgoing mail server.
  • When the Auto generate is not selected, then user can configure the servers from preferences.

Create Provider

  • Go to settings -> Technical settings -> Provider -> Create -> Save.
  • The providers created by default.
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