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What is Invoicing Policy By Customer in Odoo?

This Invoicing Policy by customer sets out the processes for invoicing for customer(s). 

You can set your custom invoicing policy by Customer based on selecting Ordered quantities or delivered quantities for sales orders instead of Invoice what is ordered/delivered.

So you can set invoice policy by selecting Ordered quantities or delivered quantities in the Odoo customer invoicing policy in the Sales app settings. 

Why is Invoicing Policy By Customer Required?

In Odoo current follow for sales invoicing is that you can generate invoices based on Ordered or delivered. 

In simple terms, in current sales invoicing an invoice needs to pay when an order is placed or order is delivered as per payment terms and timelines. 

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But, we have some scenarios like

  1. What if some customers preferred to pay when they ordered i.e advance payment and some clients/customers like to pay after the order is delivered?
  2. What if you want to take advance payment (Invoicing) for some (new) clients?
  3. What if some (old) clients always pay invoicing after delivering the order(s) and then after some days (15 to 30) they clear the payment?

In these types of cases/scenarios Invoicing Policy By Customer is very useful.

Benefits of Invoicing Policy by Customer

As per the name, you can set invoice policy by the customer as per the customer’s preference such as invoice based on Ordered quantities OR delivered quantities.

So for a set of customer(s), you can select invoicing policy by customer as per their preferences. 

  • You can set invoice need to be paid when a sales order is placed for some customers!
  • You can set invoices that will be paid by the clients when the order is delivered.
  • For some customers as per your requirements, you can set invoices that need to be paid when a sales invoice is generated while for some old and trustful customers you can set when the order is delivered then they can pay the due amount of the invoice(s).

Moreover, you can also set product(s) invoicing policy as customer invoicing policy too.


Invoicing policy by customer(s) is now very easy with a custom module developed by Silent Infotech.

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