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Hide Product Price Odoo Module

The Odoo plugin titled “Hide Product Price” tackles the concern of revealing product prices to individuals who haven’t accessed the platform. By integrating this plugin, the system will obscure the prices of products for unregistered users, resulting in a managed and personalized user journey. This functionality offers distinct benefits, including prompting user registrations, enhancing interaction, and upholding a competitive stance within the B2B domain.

Feature Of Hide eCommerce Product Price Odoo Module

  • Price Visibility Control: This feature empowers administrators to conceal product prices from visitors who haven’t registered on the platform.

  • User-Friendly Configuration: The module’s setup has been intuitively revamped. Admins can now effortlessly activate or deactivate the price visibility function through a user-friendly toggle switch or checkbox.

  • Conditional Price Display: Upon a visit from an unregistered user on the Odoo ecommerce site, the system promptly detects their login status. For those not logged in, a prompt will display, urging them to either log in or register to access the product price.

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Demo Video of Hide Product Price Module