Crypto Payment Acquirer

Pay using BTC/ETH/NEO

Crypto Payment Acquirer

  • Crypto is the future. You can now pay via Crypto for your eCommerce using our eCommerce payment gateway for cryptocurrencies.
  • It has 3 main component
    • E-commerce server
    • Cryptocurrency blockchain
    • Customer with Wallet

Solution Walkthrough

Enable Payment Acquirers

  • Enable Payment Method you require.
crypto payment

Configure Admin Wallet Address

  • Configure your Admin Wallet Address.
  • This wallet address is used to synchronize the transactions from Blockchain.

Payment From Website

  • Make your Payments from the Website.
  • Provide the Wallet Address from which payment will be made.
crypto payment ERP screen mockup
crypto payment

Confirming Sale Order on Payments

  • Your sale order will be confirmed when your received payment is synchronized in odoo.
  • It Syncs all transactions of the admin wallet addresses in odoo.

Quick Setup

  1. Install Crypto Payment module from Apps.
  2. Go to Website > Payment Acquirer and Install required Crypto Gateways.
  3. Go To Payment BTC/ETH/NEO payment acquirer and ADD Wallet Address of Account To be Synced.
  4. Add Customer Auth Token and Customer Id provided by Silent Infotech.
  5. You Are Good To Go.

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