Implement Blockchain API & Protect Business and Data Integrity. Silent Infotech helps you prevent unauthorized data manipulation by implementing blockchain. Blockchain technology could offer strong protection against identity theft and violation of data privacy.

Current Problem in Education Sector

  • As per UGC, there are 279 fake technical colleges
  • 23 Fake universities
  • Any document can be tempered which is stored in the central system.
  • Notary and physical stamping process is too expensive and time-consuming
  • Document integrity is a question.
  • Reliable storage is a challenge.
  • Data privacy is the biggest concern.
  • Employers are spending 3200 INR for each candidate for their background verification check which can be done for free within 10 seconds.
  • Any offline degree certificate verification process takes 1 month which is feasible only within 10 seconds.

Solution by Silent Infotech

Silent infotech has developed the StampMyDoc is a Blockchain based document stamping platform to cryptographically sign any document and store it on Blockchain. The first application of this platform is the education sector in India to publish academic results and degree certificates on the Blockchain to prevent fraud and fake certificates & universities.

  • Document integrity on the public network
  • The digital signature of the document
  • Timestamping of the document
  • Proven ownership, integrity & secrecy of the documents/contracts.

    How it works 

  • Upload the document on an information system.
  • Send it to the respective parties to the review and sign electronically.
  • Calculate the hash with SHA256 algorithm.
  • Store the hash on the Blockchain network, the Blockchain network can be public Ethereum network or government can start private Blockchain network for the same.
  • Notify everyone with Block number to verify the information on the Blockchain.  
  • Any further changes to this contract/document will be recorded as a journal on to the Blockchain network.
  • It can send the email notification to each participant.
  • The document can be signed from the Mobile application as well.
  • The document can be signed with a private key stored as a digital signature of any authority.
  • You can download this application from Google play store: StampMyDoc

In the below diagram you can see how you can store your documents on the blockchain.

  • Any degree certificate can be signed cryptographically and uploaded to the
    Blockchain to verify the integrity and prevent fraud.
  • It is democracy in the true sense.
  • Stampmydoc will allow any department to cryptographically sign the document and store it on to the Blockchain.
  • The document can be anything including contracts or certificates.
  • The document can be verified any moment on the Blockchain network by permitted parties.
  • Any education degree certificate can be uploaded to the Blockchain for future verification which can fully avoid fraud certificates.



Any government department can secure their documents on Blockchain to prove integrity anytime.


Any results or degree certificates can be published on to the Blockchain to verify it easily.


Currently, all the employers are spending 3200 INR per candidate for a background verification check. this can be done within 10 seconds.

Private Businesses

Any business can adopt the platform and can sign the contracts electronically.