What is Customized Brand Template For Quotation?

Customized brand template uses Prefix and Postfix attachments in reports. Prefix and Postfix attachments are two notations used in computing/generated documents. The difference between prefix and postfix is that the prefix is a notation that writes the operator before operands while the postfix is a notation that writes the operator after the operands.

Why do we need to add Prefix & Postfix Attachment in Generated Reports in Odoo?

If you are generating reports in Odoo such as quotations, bills, and many reports:

  • – Can add the Prefix document as per your requirement
  • – Can add terms & conditions as a postfix attachment
  • – Share/send documents with important prefix and/or postfix attachment
  • – In generated reports automated attachment of prefix & postfix document
  • – No need for any 3rd party software for prefix and postfix attachment
  • – It creates automation for prefix and/or postfix attachment for the desired generated reports in Odoo

Benefits of Generating Report with Customized Brand Template For Reporting and Quotation

Here list-out the main benefits of generating Report(s) with the Prefix & Postfix Attachment Odoo App:

  • This module adds a new option to add prefix and postfix attachments to the generated report such as quotations, Stock reports, accounting reports, and more.
  • Can add prefix and/or postfix documents without any 3rd party software or tools.
  • Generated reports with prefix and/or postfix attachment create good impressions while you share with clients/parties.
  • Save your time for manual attachment of prefix and/or postfix to the generated report.


Generating the desired report(s) with customized brand template for quotation is very easy with a custom module developed by Silent Infotech.

Watch the video below to learn how to install the app and set it up