Advance Odoo Configurations:

A route is a group of procurement rules and pushes rules. Odoo can manage advanced push/pull routes configuration.

Configuration: Procurement rules are the part of the routes.

First, go to the Inventory–>Configuration–>Settings–> and click on Advance routing of products using rules

Pre – Configured routes:

In the Inventory, Application goes to the Configuration–> warehouse.

In the warehouse configuration tab, incoming shipment and outgoing shipments you can set options as per your choice.

Custom Routes:

In the Inventory –> Configuration –>Routes

First, you have to select the places where this route can be selected. You can combine several choices.

Routes applied on warehouses:

If you choose warehouse, you have to choose which warehouse it will be applied. The route will be set for all transfer in that warehouse that would meet the condition of the procurement and push rules.

Routes applied to products:

If you tick Products, you have to manually set on which product it will be applied.

Open the product which you want to apply the routes

Inventory Control –> Products

Routes applied to Product Category

Tick on product category you have to manually set on which categories it will be applied.

Open the product on which you want to apply the routes (Configuration –> Product Categories). Select the routes under the Logistics section

Routes applied on Sales Order lines

If you click on sales order line you can set manually routes for every time to make a sale order.

To make it work you can also have to activate the use of the routes on the sales order.

You can now choose the routes for each line of your sales orders:

Procurement configuration

On the product Inventory Control –> Products and then click on procurement request. And choose the preferred routs.

Procurement routes setting:

Procurement rules are part of the routes.

Go to the Inventory application—>Configuration—>Settings and tick “Advance routing of products using rules“.

Go to configuration –> routes. In the procurement rules section click on add item.

Push rules settings

The push rules are set on the routes. Go to Configuration –> Routes.

In the push rule section, click on Add an item.

Here you can set the conditions for your rule. In this example, when a good is in Input location, it needs to be moved to the quality control. In the 3 steps receipts, another push rule will make the goods that are in the quality control location move to the stock.

Stock transfers

The push rule will trigger the stock transfer. According to the rule set on your route, you will see that some transfers might be ready and others are waiting.

The push rule that was set above will create moves from WH/Input location to the WH/Quality Control location.